Monday, July 28, 2014

A Novel Idea – Jesse Daniel

A Novel Idea
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Hello dearies! I've gotten behind with blogging – Kendra's blog party, Anna's contest. Mostly, that's because I've been writing (a short story-ish writing for Kendra's party, a FanFic for Anna). For the FanFic, I also decided I should rewatch some of the show, which has eaten into most of that time, as well as things like church and picnics. Of course, Goodreads, Facebook, Blogger, and Instagram aren't much help...

Anyhow, I'm taking a short break to do Ashley's new linkup. Then back to work.

The picture fits him in some ways, in other ways it's not him at all. It's just the best one I've found so far.

Where was he born? In a hospital, in their home, what city? I don't know. I haven't really thought about that, at all. I'm beginning to think they live in Michigan, though.

Where does he live now? See previous question.

Who are the people he is closest to? Family, friends? AnnDrew. They're best friends, after all.

Where does he go when he's angry and need to get away? His room or the skate park. Headphones in, music turned up loud, drowning out the world.


  1. For some reason, I don't think he and Seriyn would get along.


  2. Thanks for linking up, Jessie!! :) It was great to meet Daniel and get to know him a little better.
    ~Ashley @ Ashley Aspires
    btw, I love when guys and girls are best friends, that makes me hapypy!

    1. I agree! Those relationships where a guy and a girl are best friends without any romance are always awesome.

  3. Awesome! He sounds very interesting. MI sounds like a good state to live. :)

    1. Maybe these posts aren't so bad, after all.
      What'd I tell you, Jess?
      Oh, shut it.

      I wouldn't know, I've never been there! Except to drive through on our way to Wisconsin, but that was years ago. I haven't officially decided that's where they live, but it's beginning to "stick."

  4. Awesome! I loved the answer to the last question. Awesome pic also.

  5. He sounds really interesting. By the way I love the name AnnDrew! :L

    1. Thanks :)

      C'mon, Jessy, that's no way to respond to a comment.

      Hi, Emily! This is AnnDrew. Since Jessy didn't say much, I'm going to reply for her.

      is a pretty interesting person. Sometimes he confuses me, though. Like how he doesn't like Alex for who knows what reason. Anyhow, he's still a great friend.

      Thanks! I like it, too! I seem to have forgotten how it came to be... I guess I'll have to think about it for a bit and see if I can figure it out. Or ask and see if someone else remembers.

  6. Hi! I just found your blog via your comment on the Notebook Sisters. The blog looks beautiful!
    ~Sarah Faulkner


    1. Thank you! Oh, Inklined. I remember you. I like your blog! *leaves to read any new posts*

  7. Hey Jessy! :) You won the contest!

    - Anna :)


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