Monday, September 29, 2014

FanFiction, Part II

Hello, dearies! I finally wrote part two of my fanfiction last night, between 12 and 1 am. Because of church yesterday, I still haven't seen the season 4 premiere, so it still counts! I've just got to edit it and get it ready to post, which I plan to get done today (it might take a bit longer, with packing and such, but hopefully not). It's about half as long as part one, and so I do apologize. Hopefully it's still as enjoyable as the first one seemed to be.

Check back for part two, coming soon!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hacked by One

Hi. This is the phantom. That's what she calls me, anyway (the writeress, that is).

She said the other day that it might be cool if someone hacked onto her blog and did a birthday post, like Anne's sisters/friends did, but that no one could hack it. I beg to differ, and so here I am.
this is the first I've shown her
of my face. It's not me, but close.
happy birthday

Let me introduce myself. I am a figment of her imagination. She was hanging out with her other characters one night when I just showed up and, let's be honest, freaked her out just a bit. She doesn't really call me the phantom, though she has used that term before. She mostly just calls me him or he or something like that. Mostly because I haven't told her my name, or who I am, or where I came from, or why I'm here. I just am, and she'll never be rid of me. (I think she kind of likes that idea, though she wouldn't admit it.) I'm always in all black and leather and silver chains. She thinks I'm always on my iPod, but I'm not really always on it, only a lot. I do always have my black earphones plugged in, listening to music.

Enough of me. Since I'm the only one who can "hack" her account, I've decided I'm obligated to do that birthday post she and her friend were talking about. Even if I am a bit late.

Her birthday was September 10th, on which day she turned twenty.

The big two-oh.

Jess, leave.

It's Dan. But I'm her favorite.

No, you're not. And stop with the Dan thing, it's getting tiresome.

Well, at least I've got a na—

There, I've bumped him off.

I understand she's been missing in the blogging world this month. I can see her quote blog has failed miserably, temporarily. She went from an entirely empty summer to every day being full with something, which is the cause of the unannounced disappearance. Now I'm getting wordy. That happens when I force myself to talk too much.

Life got busy and she was dragged along for the ride. It's not all bad. Most of it's good, actually. She met some new people and they all became fast friends. She's going to their wedding this weekend. She's moving to Florida in less than two weeks (which is kind of a big deal, and she still hasn't begun to pack beyond mentally organizing things). She had a sleepover with another friend and they came up with an entire project Anne is now working on.

This is a lousy post as birthday posts go. I'm not really sure what they do and say in these.

Just say happy birthday, already! And... yeah, I don't really know, either. Good experiment, though. And now people know you exist. You were so opposed to that. What changed your mind?

Would you guys stop interrupting?

You know what, say happy birthday, everyone.

Happy birthday! :))

Uh, happy birthday. I guess.

Jess, be nice. Say what you mean for once.

I did.


Happy birthday, Jessy.

Happy birthday, writeress :]

There, good? Good.

She loves music. She's discovered a whole array of instrumental covers lately. She listens to music constantly, whether it's those covers or something else. She listens to music more than she does anything else. Breathing is almost less important to her. Poetical writing and speech is music to her mind, she sees patterns of poetry in a lot more than most people might.

Jainie wants to say something.

Thanks. I just wanted to say I'm glad she wrote me. I might die, but that's okay. I think she found a better way to go with the story, but I'm not sure. Either way, someone dies... I guess I'm not very good about spoilers, but he's warning me, so I'll stop.

This is for her birthday, so I wanted to say something nice, that's all. I've gotten to see some of the poems she's written that she hasn't posted, and that's one of my favorite things about being her character, getting to read unknown poetry. She lets me see all the stuff she writes for my novel and for blogging, even the rough drafts, which is fun, too.

I guess that's all.

Seems a good place to end. But first, here's one of her favorite covers.

Happy birthday, girl.

Signing off, the one currently known as the phantom black.

Sunshine Award

Hello, dearies!

I apologize for my sudden absence. I've been busy with things like moving to a different state, planning things with new and best of friends, attending a wedding, and all manner of otherness. I also seem to have abandoned An Ocean Raging... I'll get back to that once I'm moved (beginning of October).

For those of you anxiously awaiting part two (of Curse Me For Loving You), I'm still working on that, and planning on finishing it before Sunday night when season four of Once Upon a Time premiers.

In the meantime, Carly from Books and Etc. has nominated me for the Sunshine Award. (Still not sure why these things are called awards?) Thanks, Carly!


thank the person who nominated you

tell us five facts about yourself

answer the five questions given

write five questions for your nominees to answer

nominate five bloggers for this award
(and let them know about it)

random facts

I finally got my hair cut. I went from hair all the way down my back to hair above my shoulders with side bangs. And I love it.

My friend and I came up with an entire book plot (on accident) and cast of five characters (including names, personality, etc.) in less than twenty minutes. Also, the title for the book and ideas for a four-book series. Which she's actually going to write. And I get to know everything about everything and yell at her when I don't like something (and praise her when I do. I'm not all jerk). Yay and awesome sauce.

I'm moving from Pennsylvania to Florida in less than two weeks. (Just me, not my family. I'll be living with my aunt as a nanny for her son.)

I turned 20 fifteen days ago

I'm sick of giving random fact about myself. I'm boring, anyhow.

carly's questions

what is your favorite memory from middle school?

I don't know what my favorite memory is. But a memory is seeing the stars in the African sky so much more clearly than are usually seen here in America. There were so many, and it was so beautiful. The closest the Pennsylvanian sky has gotten to that are on clear winter nights. The sky is so much more clear and beautiful in wintertime.

if you were a book, who would you want in your story and who would write it?
plus, what genre would your book be (personality-wise)?

Markus Zusak would write it.

Hmm... I have to actually choose people? I don't know... I need a limit.
My closest friends, my closest family members, and a few random strangers just to make it interesting.

Genre? Based on my personality? Hmm. Adventure, maybe? With a dash of darkness and a hint of horror. Then throw in a small slice of sunshine to balance it out a bit.

if you could change your name, what would you change it to and why?


Not really. That's just what a friend kept thinking my name was when we first met. Apparently, it's now my nickname.

Honestly, I don't know.

if you could turn back time and relive a year of your life, what year would it be and why?

I wouldn't.

But, if I've got to choose...

Nope. Sorry. Too much brain power needed.
Perhaps another time, dearie.


if you were a superhero, what would be your superpower and who would be your partner(s) in crime?
what would you call yourselves?

My superpower would be that I never had to sleep. I can if I want to, but I don't have to. That would be absolutely lovely in so many ways.

I wasn't aware that superheros committed crimes? Very well. Anne-girl and Aaron. We would be all kinds of things, from Robin Hood to Charlotte Doyle to something out of Little Women, to the idiots who do things like eat pudding out of mayonnaise jars and put on fake accents when no one knows who we are. Also cosplays (which basically means mature dress-up and play-acting, minus "mature"). I'd mostly provide the insults and insanity.

We'd call ourselves kameraden. Obviously.
I'm really not usually the one to come up with the name.
I'm just the one who changes the original words around properly.

(Fine, I'll tell you. Kameraden is German for comrades.)
yeah, I used Google translate...

my questions

what kind of posts would you like to see (more of) on my blog?

if you could be a new character in your favorite TV show, which show would that be?
what role would you play in the show?

why is the sky blue?

tell me your worst nightmare

how and when did the writer's curse first consume you?


I've one other announcement. Two, actually. And neither of them have anything to do with anything associated with my blog. Yet. I have two new Monte Cristo converts. And I have become a Sherlockian.

Now we'll see how I do about getting that fanfic finished...

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