Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hey, there. Curious?

I've been nominated for something. I'm not exactly sure what, but I guess it looks like fun, and another post couldn't hurt just now. (Thanks, wisdomcreates!)

1. Did you always love writing? I guess that depends on what you mean.
2. Do you keep a personal journal/diary? Heh. I've attempted at times, but this blog is the closest and best thing to that that I've gotten.
3. How long have you been blogging? Since November 2012? (I think.) Though I started this blog, and actual blogging in March of 2014. The first one was only made because I wasn't allowed on Facebook, but was told I could have a blog. So... I had no idea what I was supposed to do on here. U
4. Have you ever read the whole Bible? Yes.
5. If you found a baby dinosaur in your backyard, what would you do? Give it to my sister to raise.
6. Are you an oldest, somewhere in the middle, or youngest child in your family? Oldest of five. Girls.
7. What is something artsy -- other than writing -- that you enjoy doing? Music? Drawing? Painting? Dance? Photography? Etc? I don't know... several random things, I suppose.
8. What is something you like to do outdoors? Run. Does that count? A lot of things, I guess.
9. If you saw an old man with a weapon threatening your parents, what would you do? (Sorry for the dark question. It's writerly research.) Sneak up behind him.
10. What is one word that you would like people to use to describe you? Um? That's a secret.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

When Life Gives You Lemons

Throw them at people. Obviously. 

Hello, darlings! I'm back.


That title was totally and entirely random.

I've been needing to write something for the most very longest time ever.

But I haven't had half a moment to actually do so.

As of right now, I have about half an hour.


Let me tell you the story of when I was a little child.
I used to run through the fields and climb the trees. I used to chase the birds and gawk at the snakes. When I was a little child.
I couldn't be stopped, I wouldn't stop, I ran as fast as I could. I had to get to the end of this place, I wouldn't have stopped if I could.
Now I'm grown and the things I've known have changed so much and it's crazy. To think of the things I've come to be, now that I'm grown, a bit hazy.
I still run around and I go and I go and no one can think to stop me. It's just another place I'm running that race of getting to the end and victory.

Well. That wasn't exactly what I was expecting.
At least I feel a bit better now, now that I've gotten some words out.

It's been so very long.

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