Thursday, July 24, 2014

Blog Party Tag

Hello, dearies! Kendra from Knitted by God's Plan is hosting a blog party to celebrate 5 years of blogging and 3 years of being published.

Click the button below to view the announcement page!

Today is the first day, and one of today's posts is a game. Who doesn't like games? Not me!

As you've probably figured out already, this first game is a tag.
Rules: copy/paste the questions and answer them.
Prize: an entry in a drawing to read her WIP, Infiltration.

Now for the questions...

How long have you been blogging?
I created my first blog in November of 2009 (I only remember this because it says on my profile that that's when I joined Blogger). I've long since abandoned that blog.

I started Barefoot in the Snow on 13 March 2014. (Again, I only remember this because I looked up my first post.) Shortly afterword, on 23 May 2014 (I actually remembered that), I created An Ocean Raging, a quote blog.

Which of the books on my WIP list intrigues you the most?

Which from the party list? That would be:
  1. The Worth of a King
  2. HaV Academy
  3. The New Division
That was fun. Because I already figured it out when I was choosing which books I'd most prefer to interview characters from.

Which from all the rest of them? Hmm.

*skims through Kendra's WIP list*

Probably The Ankulen or The Land of Numbers.

You're stuck on an island that has no sign of other people. What 5 items would you like to have with you in this event?
Hmm. Wifi, books (which, of course, includes my Bible), laptop, food, shelter. I guess that's a pretty boring answer, but I'd survive, wouldn't I? As long as people were able to find me once I'd messaged them...

Oh, I'd better add a weapon of some sort, in case of hungry wild animals. Wait, no, I'll just live in the trees. Eh, I'll add one anyhow.

So, final answer: wifi, books, laptop, gun, food. Not that I've exactly thought it all out.

Someone gives you a thousand dollars. What do you do with it?
A thousand, that's all? I'd give some to church, save some, use some, and possibly invest some. Aren't I interesting today?

Is there any book that you wish you had written? (Not because of the money involved, but because you love the idea so much you wish it was yours.)
I like this question! Very interesting. The first books that came to mind are The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, Matched (Matched trilogy #1) by Allie Condie, and Icefall by Michael J. Kirby. I'm not really sure, but I'll go with these for now.

  • The Book Thief — This is just an incredible book. Actually, out of these three, I'd certainly pick this one. I think.
  • Matched — I love the concept of this book, and the style in which it's written. I started reading the first book just before bed one night and ended up reading more than half of it before forcing myself to stop. If I hadn't had to get up the next morning, I would have finished the entire book right then. I enjoyed the rest of the series, too, but this was the best one.
  • Icefall — This came to mind because of Ole. I think, all things considered, he's the real reason this book was awesome. I've never thought of it that way before, but I just realized that when I think of the book and why I love it, it's always things he said that come to mind. I loved the style of writing, too. (In fact, it's a direct influence on how I plan on doing my current WIP.) I was less than happy with part of the ending, but I still love the book. (which is saying something — ending is everything) If you're a writer, read this. If you aren't, well... read it anyway.

The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini (Eragon) deserves and honorable mention just for being awesome.

Now go read all three of those. No, really, do it. I'm serious.

What is your favorite fairy tale?
Does Once Upon a Time count? No? Fine. Um... Peter Pan.

Ironic, since Peter Pan was one of the few and greatest failures of Once. I really liked the evilness twist, but they made him so evil there was no reason to like him. At all. There is a time and place for villains you love to hate. But Peter Pan? No. Just, no.

And Robby Kay is such an amazingly perfect Peter Pan, too...

Describe Kendra is seven words.
  1. random
  2. friendly
  3. purple
  4. writer
  5. awesome
  6. blogger
  7. interesting
...because I really don't know you that well, but there you are :)

What is your opinion of popcorn?
Fluffy, salty, and buttery. Only that movie theater butter spout will do.

How many different crafts can you do?
I'm supposedly very good at crafts, but I generally hate them. So I really don't know. The only crafts I can think of that I enjoyed at all are origami and iris folding. That probably has something to do with the fact that they're done best by a perfectionist (aka me).

How long have you been following my blog and how did you find me?
I've been following you since 2 July 2014. I know this because the first person I saw when visiting you blog was July's Character Encounters post. The post was published 2 July and so was my first comment.

I honestly don't remember how I found you. After a bit of sleuthing, it seems that you found me first and commented on my first Talk To Me post.



  1. I found you through your comments on Anne-Girl's blog.

    I actually don't consider Peter Pan a fairy tale, but one of the classics, but I suppose I can let you count the TV series ... It's a retelling, after all. I'd love to watch it, but haven't managed to track down a spot where I can. Haven't seen Merlin either for the same reason.

    1. That's cool to know, then!

      Hmm, that's interesting. I believe I've heard that before, actually. I always just assumed it's a fairytale, probably because of the Disney movie. Strange thing is, as much as I've always loved Peter Pan (as long as I can remember) I didn't watch the movie until just a couple years ago, and I still have yet to read the book (though I'm constantly reminding myself). I also watched the 2002 version with Jeremy Sumpter within that last few years, and I really like that one.

      Oh, I can help you with that! I watched all three seasons here. There's a few extra episodes listed there, but they're just random nothingness, really. All you need to watch are the regular episodes 1-22 for each season. And I've found that the only videos that work right are the choices with arrows (you should see what I mean). I've never watched Merlin, but that might be on there, too, if you search it.

      I think the first two seasons are also on Netflix. Season four starts September 28th!

  2. The whole Peter Pan half of Season Three wasn't great, in my opinion. Just... I think they over did it on the "I'm your father" plot twists and Emma's character arc was just... anyway. But I enjoyed seeing how Regina did end up with Henry. That was one of the sweetest backstory bits!


    1. This is true. It's still my favorite season, though. Well, all of season three. I just rewatched the second half, and I now I'm thinking the second half is my favorite. So I guess I'll just have to watch the whole thing over again to decide. Which I've wanted to do, anyway. (Hopefully I'll get to rewatch the entire series before 28 September, but I'm not sure that's gonna happen...)

      After the rewatch I just did, I'm thinking the biggest reason season 3 is my favorite is mostly because of Hook's character arc. Of course, Regina and Robin are pretty awesome, too.

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Ooh, you and I started our blogs at almost the same time! I created 'Gossiping with Dragons' in March this year (but didn't post on it until April. I'm bad like that.) You've been blogging for an awesomely long time though. You must have ever so much experience.

    I love Peter Pan the story, and the Disney movie. I've never seen OUAT sadly, but it sounds like an awesome show. I have to look it up some time.

    1. Cool! Eh, I don't recall reading "thou shalt post immediately" anywhere in the rulebook anywhere... ;) Experience is relative. I've asked questions of new bloggers and had older bloggers get answers from me, and the other way around, too.

      Oh, yes, do!! (There's a link in my first comment, up above.)

      Thanks for the comment! I love comments.

  4. Peter Pan is my favourite fairy tale/classic WHATEVER IT IS. I just...I just adore it so much. Hehe. I even have sort of done my own retelling, but it needs a lot of work before it's ever eye-worthy-acceptable. ;) Yay for blog parties and tags! This was quite cool to read, Jessy!
    I think, if I had a thousand dollars, I'd probably buy, like, a lot of books and bookshelves. And then just admire them all day. It would be awesome. And gah, you've made me crave popcorn...gosh, it's been years since I've even eaten some. XD
    OH AND THE BOOK THIEF. *cries heart out* I just...I just finished that and I can't even compute. Like I'd watched the movie first so I KNEW the ending and yet I still was heart broken. Can I live in denial? Okay, I will. It's definitely gone on my list of best-of-the-year at any rate.

    1. Oooh, that sounds Awesome with a capital A.

      That is most certainly what the writerish part of me would do, as well as travelling the world (especially places like Alaska, Ireland, Scotland, Australia). Ever seen that meme that's a picture of a box truck with the caption "I'm so excited... my book order just arrived!" or something like that. 'Nuff said.

      Hmm... you'll have to refresh my memory (it's been ever so long since I've read the book, and I haven't gotten to see the movie yet). How exactly does it end? I'm sure I remember everything that happens, just not which happens at the end, apparently. Unless you mean the bombing? But I don't think that was the very end..


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