Monday, December 29, 2014

Awaken Her

I don't know what she's thinking, diving in like that. I watch her pierce the water's calm face and disappear beneath the surface. We wait for her to return.

The water is dark, deep, consuming. I search through the veil but cannot see. Soon, I return to the surface, just long enough to breathe, then push myself down deep below the glass. She's in here somewhere. She's fine, she just needs help to find the way. 
I ascend once more. Nathan calls my name just before the water muffles my ears. He's found her, and she's fine. Of course she is. 
The current guides me toward them on the bank just beyond me. I give into its strength while I wonder what went on. She's lying on the ground, Nathan trying to revive her. Of course she's okay, she just needs air. 
I make it to where they've landed. Her lips are purple, her face is white. She's not dead yet.

I remember the sirens' scream as we rushed toward each other. We had to get her to the road, the ambulances couldn't get to the river. Nathan held her and ran, still I could hardly keep up.

The mad rush to the hospital, the rush through the halls, the frantic hurry to waken her.

I wish it had worked. No, she didn't die. She was fine, of course she was fine. She'd never been better.

That was the problem.


  1. Interesting.
    Especially that last little bit. It makes me curious. :)

  2. This was beautiful and sad, and left me wanting more.


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