Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Novel Idea – Jainie Ruth

A Novel Idea
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It's been awhile. But, I'm excited to be answering more questions. Enter, Jainie Ruth Alexander.

Who is her father and what is he like?
Kyle Alexander is a Navy SEAL. He's been missing in action for quite some time. Loyal, strong, protective.

Who is her mother and what is she like?
Mia Jasmin was a beautiful young woman. She married Kyle and they had two children together, but she left them with her [abusive] brother not long after her husband went missing. 

Are her parents still married, or divorced?
Technically, they're still married.

Describe her siblings – if she has any.
Joshua Kyle Alexander. He's older than her by five years. She looks up to him, relies on him. She sees him as the strongest person she knows. She knows he's not perfect but through her eyes he is.


  1. Cool! I love how she has a good relationship with her brother and really looks up to him. I love sibling relationships in books. They're the best.

    1. Their relationship is my favorite of my characters' relationships so far.

  2. Aw! Nice brotherly sisterly relationship there! I love reading about siblings who actually love each other. :)
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


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