Friday, August 29, 2014

Curse You For Loving Me

Hello, dearies!

There's so much going on in this thing called life right now, and I've unfortunately fallen terribly behind on blogging and the like.

Church and friends, family and traveling, books and writing and music. Mostly some new friends I've just met this week, a more than likely move to Florida (the state which I despise), and The Book Thief. Yes, I caved. I couldn't stand it any more. I had to read it again. Especially after that movie... whatever that was.

But, since I've been suddenly absent, I decided I'd give you all a taste of part two of the fanfic I've written. I've only just begun working on it, but I'm determined to finish it before September 28. Because there's no way I'm writing more of this particular fanfic after the next episode comes out. I just couldn't do it, because it would no longer be accurate. I hate deviations. Usually.

I'm probably going to edit this later, but here you are:

Robin loved Regina, he really did. But now, the woman who had been his first wife and the mother of his child had come back from the past - literally. What was he supposed to make of that? 
"Regina-" he begin, taking a step toward her. 
"Don't you 'Regina' me," she snapped. 
Marian watched this, confused, then spoke before Regina could continue. "Robin, I don't understand. Who is this woman?" 
Robin sighed. "Marian, I've thought you dead for years-" 
"What are you saying?" 
"I'm saying that since you've been gone, I've come to love this woman." 
"So what you're saying is that you no longer love me." 
"Of course I do!" Robin paused. "You were dead, Marian. How can you fault me for loving again?"

Any thoughts? Tell me or don't. I'm just hoping I can write Robin and Marian as true-to-character as I seem to have last time. I don't know them nearly as well as I know the characters in part one.

The title of this post jumped into my head just now. I'm pretty sure that's what I'll title the fanfic. Thoughts?


  1. Why do you hate Florida? I hope you have a safe move!

    KEEP WRITING THAT FANFICTION. Man, I wonder what's going to happen to Marian now... maybe she should be paired off with someone? :P

    1. Mostly just the heat, to be honest. I'm totally more of a winter person. Definitely. But my aunt just moved down there and I'm going basically to be a nanny (she currently has a six-month-old), but also to help out with the house if/when needed.

      Yah... except for the fact that they're married! Which makes it so complicated. Moral of the finale: never visit the past, nothing good ever comes of it. Except the part where she got to be a part of her parents meeting and all. That was pretty cool.

  2. AGH! I meant to comment on this when you posted it then I got distracted and forgot because that's what I do. >.> Sorry for such a late comment!

    Anyway, I loooved getting another bit of the fanfic, even if just a taste.

    Let me tell you, when I was reading it, just as with the other part, I could HEAR their voices in my head. You've captured these characters so perfectly! It's spectacular! And I LOOOVE the title! So clever! Because the show is about a curse but it's also a problem because they love each other and...yeah. You know all this because that's why you named it that. Ahem.

    But really, I love it all. Keep it up! ^_^

    1. No problem! I'm still excited for a new comment!

      I'm glad you liked it! And, hurray!! I'm so glad you think so!

      haha Thanks! Yes, yes. The main reason I named it that, though, is because every time someone loves someone, it's like a curse; whether it's something that happens to them, like Snowing or StableQueen, or because someone keeps messing up, like Rumbelle. Especially Rumbelle, because I could hear Rumple say that to himself to Belle, you know? But more in a "I can't believe you still try to love me" way.

  3. This is a great fanfic, even if I still haven't watched Once Upon a Time. If I'm not mistaken that is what the fanfic is based on, right? :) More and more people are telling me to go and watch the show, but I just haven't had any time at all.
    I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award.

    Carly @ Books and Etc.

    1. Thank you! Yes, it's based on Once, and, yes, you should watch it! It's the second best TV show of all time (next to Sherlock, which I discovered yesterday. But that's another conversation haha)

      Thank you again! I'll get that done presently. :)

  4. I think I mentioned before. I have only watched some of Jefferson's parts in the snow, so I don't really know much about it, but I do enjoy your fan fiction! I just can't say if I find it accurate to their characters or not. But...yes, definitely like it.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it. Jefferson is absolutely awesome (though he sadly isn't in it much).


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