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Character Interview – Ian & Fiona

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Hello, everyone! As you know, I've been participating in Kendra Ardek's 5&3 party, as Kathryn has dubbed it. Today, I'm interviewing two of her characters from HaV Academy — a villain and a hero, Ian & Fiona.

I apologize for the lateness of my post. Enjoy!

yes, it actually exists
1. First off, would you ever consider eating octopus ink pasta with squid?

Fiona Uh... no. That looks, disgusting.
Ian Maybe for image.
Fiona You would, wouldn't you.

2. Right, then. What is it like training at HaV Academy? How did you come to train as a villain/hero? Did you get to choose?

Fiona It's very different from regular school. Less hiding. I don't have to suppress my fire quite as hard as I usually do.
Ian Sports are different. Since we don't associate with people who don't have superpowers, all sports are hero vs. villain, and everyone participates in every sport. It's complicated how many different versions we have.
Fiona Currently, the heroes are winning.
Ian Because we're good villains and are letting you. Most of our actual academic studies are what you would find in any regular school, though history is slightly different since we are aware of the true nature of the Supers. There are special required classes once a week, but other than that we're just like pretty much any other school.
Fiona As for how we got there, we were born with powers — as were our parents and grandparents and so on before us. It's required for us to go. And they just assigned us to whichever side they thought we'd do better on. No, we didn't get a choice, but few people are really unhappy with the assignment. We learn to look at it as a big game that no one else realizes is a game.

3. And your names — Lavalight and Dr. Frost. Very cool. Why did you choose them? (Besides the obvious reason that they fit your powers.)

Ian Well, I have ice powers, and I was assigned to be a villain, and Dr. Frost sounds plenty villainous. It's amazing how many villains choose some form of "Doctor" in their name.
Fiona I wanted something unique that people would remember for some time... I mean, I didn't want something obvious, like Firegirl, or Flames, or Phoenix. It wasn't until after I had my name registered that my roommate reminded me that I chose the name of a lamp. Oh well.

4. Ian, you have ice powers, and you have fire powers, Fiona. Tell me about them. (How do you use them? What kind of things can you do? What is your opinion on having these powers — do you enjoy them or wish you didn't have them? Etc.)

Ian Our powers classify under the Elementals, and are controlled by a combination of thoughts and physical actions. It isn't necessary for us to be touching something for our power to work on it, but it works faster.
Fiona For me, the hard part is keeping my power under control.
Ian Have you tried gloves?
Fiona Yes. They burned off. Even the fireproof ones. To have something that close to my hands, trapping in the heat... it's not pretty. Besides, gloves don't help my hair, which is where most of those stray tendrils like to hang out.
Ian We do enjoy our powers, most Supers do, we just don't like hiding them.

5. Lastly, I'm told you two are love interests. Tell me, what is that like, since one of you is a villain and one a hero?

Fiona It's convenient.
Ian I picked her out as my hero the first time we lined up in one of the games. Since the Academy loves pairing opposing powers together, I knew I had a high likelihood of getting her if we fought well together. Which we do.
Fiona And it's actually quite common for the villain to marry the hero if she's a woman. Not quite so common for a female villainess to win the hero (though it has happened) but it's just so convenient. You don't have to explain to someone that you have an alter-identity, you know them at their worst (our fights can get quite ugly), and you have an outlet for your fights.
Ian It does stink when you're both getting along really well, and you have to have a fight (there is a requirement of at least one a month, and a major one at least every three months).

Fiona But thank you for having us over, Jessy!
Ian My sentiments exactly.

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