Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This Writer's Return

Well, I'm back.

For a moment.

I've been off, sick and reading and otherwise. We (my entire family and I...actually, my entire church...) seem to have caught some rather nasty cold/flu/something-or-other. I've been sick for around three or four weeks now, though the first two weeks were simply a cold. Anyhow, I'm nearly over it by now (or, at least, I think I am). However, I've many, many, many, many -- did I mention I have a lot? -- of books to be read.

Books from the library. With due dates. It's my own fault, really, but that's that. And so I'll not be on much, I'm sure. But I'll be back now and again, and later more consistently.

Here's how it happens: I go to the library (mistake number one, but I really can't help it). Then I sit down to read. But somewhere between the door and the chair, I can't help but notice some book. Or if I don't, then when I look up from reading. Or between the chair and the door again. I can't help myself. Though I've gotten better. I simply can't resist a potentially good book. And so my pile of library books ends up looking something like that picture at the beginning. Or like this:

This leaves me with plenty to read, though very little time to do it in. That always seems to be the way of things. Either you've plenty of time but can't seem to find a book to read, or you've plenty of books though too little time.

So many books, so little time.

adieu for now, my friends           

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