Thursday, March 13, 2014

Barefoot in the Snow

"Though spring has sprung, I'm still walking barefoot in the snow."

                                                                                                         ~ Jessie, 11 March 2014

This awesomely real winter of 2013-2014 has, as you may or may not know, been quite the snow season, unlike the past few winters, so-called.

It started with some snow. Then we got some more. And then we got a huge snowstorm, and then more snow again. It simply kept on coming. It was even forecasted that we'd get thundersnow! As in, snow with thunder and lightning. Which excited me beyond belief, of course, as this particular winter was already too good to be true, especially after the aforementioned preceding "winters." But I mean, can it get any better than snow and thunder and lightning?

My hopes were dashed when I awoke unpleasantly early the next morning (the storm was forecasted to be between 6 and 9) to view the very looked-forward-to thundersnow and, alas, none came. Too good to be true, indeed. There was, however, plenty of snow that day, and so my broken heart was soothed. (Yes, that was a bit exaggerated but I couldn't help it, it sounded so nice.)

I've only just gotten back on the blogger after quite a while. What sparked this sudden rebound was talking with a friend and getting excited about writing again and checking out her blog for the first time in a long time. I must say, I find said blog exquisitely fascinating and also quite captivating. (Also gripping, enthralling, absorbing, engrossing, spellbinding, riveting, arresting, intriguing, compelling. But enough of that, lest I embarrass the poor girl.)

Moving on. To continue with my narrative, there was much snow this winter. Despite it not having snowed in a while now, there is still quite a lot of snow and ice covering yards and driveways, particularly where it was piled out of the way during shoveling exercises. Being thus, though spring has indeed begun to...well, spring, and our driveway has for the most part thawed to gravel and mud, there is plenty of snow left on and in which to walk. 

I, being myself, choose to walk barefoot (as always) on the snow. Simply because I am myself and I love snow and I will cherish its company up until the very last tiny patch of snow has melted.

We had some friends over on Tuesday. They came to crochet. Now, I know how to crochet. In fact, I taught my sisters and my mom how to do it. However, though I'll admit it can be addicting once begun, I'm not a huge fan. Also, I didn't seem to be needed at the time. Meanwhile, Dad has arrived home from work (this is around 2pm) and has since been washing our vehicles. I go down to help. By the time I arrive on the scene, Dad has finished washing his pick-up and has just begun the family minivan.

The point of stating any and all of the preceding paragraph is to say this: as I'm working, I insist on walking only on the frozen snow piles whenever possible. It is spring weather outside but my feet are pleasantly freezing. At times, I do step on the gravel and in the puddles and the mud. While this is taking place, I'm thinking. Obviously. Anyway, something I end up thinking of is what would normally become a Facebook status. What I'm referring to is the quote you read up at the very beginning of this post.

Now, I'm thinking, thinking, thinking. (Of course I'm thinking; I'm a reader, and a reader whose writer's mind has recently been brought again to vibrant life.) All day, I'm thinking. Reading the Anne-girl's blog has put in my head that perhaps I could create a blog and keep up with it.

I already have a blog, you say? Yes, the literature blog. A literature blog is different and easy in that you simply post literature whenever you happen to like it. A movie quote here, an original poem here, a short story every now and then; some song lyrics and short ramblings.

No, I wanted a blog. A writer's blog, to be more specific. Much like Anne-girl's Scribblings. This, Barefoot in the Snow, is what I have come up with.

I know I've been rambling a bit -- okay, a lot -- along the way and I'm sure you're all wondering where I'm going with all this talk of snow and winter. The point is this: I came up with the title of "Barefoot in the Snow" from my quote. It jumped into my head and shortened itself, and it wouldn't go away. Which is okay. In fact, you might say I had a title before a had an idea, and my title needed a blog; as I've said, a writer's blog.

So there you are. My hope is that anyone who has the irritating misfortune to stumble upon this, my soul's internet dwellingplace, shall find something to their liking. Thanks for visiting and I pray you relish my ramblings, however jumbled and disjointed.


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