Monday, March 17, 2014

Éirinn Go Brách

The real Saint Patrick of today's Saint Patrick's Day. I'm not sure of exactly who Patrick was, other than he was a Catholic who became a missionary to Ireland. I may not agree with everything surrounding Patrick but this short article (click here) is definitely a good one on the subject. The points in the second half are all true, whether you (or I) agree with the doctrine of this Saint Patrick or not. Whatever his beliefs, Saint Patrick's Day is certainly more than drinking beer and dressing in green. I wonder what Patrick would think of how his day is celebrated?

Éirinn go brách
The title means "Ireland forever" in Irish.

You simply must include a picture of a cute little redheaded Irish girl, right? I mean, c'mon! It is Saint Patrick's Day (even if there's more to it than Irish pride...not that I'm Irish...that I know...)

an Irish blessing

Let's not forget books! See, even the Irish leprechaun can appreciate a book or two or twenty...

(beware! Catholic creepiness ahead if clicked upon)

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