Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Inspiring Irish

I've had another idea!

It's to do with a girl and car headlights and Irish countryside and otherwise Irishy things.

I'll say nothing more than to say that all this was brought about by the Irishness of St. Patrick's Day and by a girl who's been slowly making herself known to me, and especially today while reading A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray. (I haven't finished this book and please don't take this as a recommendation -- I can't say whether I'd recommend it or not -- but it is the book through which this girl has shown herself to me.) She's even got a name, this girl of mine.

*she glares at me*

Oh, sorry, I don't mean that I own you. Simply that you are mine, affectionately (not romantically, thank you!).

*she smiles suspiciously but accepts the explanation*

this be the painting which hangs in her room
not that I know anything about her room
or any type of thing therein
or even if she has one

But I said I'd tell you nothing more. Gártha!

(I've become quite obsessed (not that I wasn't already) with the Irish language. I don't speak it (unfortunately) but Google translate does!)

In other news...

I've found this rather disturbing or saddening viewpoint of Peter Pan. I shall have to investigate.

Also, getting to getting the book read would be great.

And one last crack at Ireland.
I love this picture for some reason.

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