Thursday, February 19, 2015

Blue Cheese

I should not be awake right now. But I am, browsing Paper Fury. Typing this from my iPad because my internet-disabled laptop is stuck in the office and I am simply not getting out of bed, opening the door of my icebox room, walking through the gooey warmness of the hall with its abnormal heated floors, and sitting down in that office chair, just to type this post. Not when I can sit in bed and do it nearly just as well and certainly more comfortably. I do need to get myself a new laptop... Eventually. Eventually, I shall. Not long now. First, though, a job. You know, the kind that pays you that green paper people are so interested in these days.

It's 3:44am and I'm still awake. I've been listening to OneRepublic while reading The Mark of Athena. I'm on page 331 now. Yes, I'm a twenty-year-old reading the infamous Percy Jackson series and listening to a band called OneRepublic. Don't judge, they're awesome. All things considered.

!¡!spoilers beyond!¡!

to not in
an not and
but whatever
still awesome
Nico is suffocating in a jar, Leo is Sammy's great-grandson (I figured that out as soon as Frank saw the picture in Hazel's old room. Yes! Points for me.), and Annabeth is as infuriating as ever (though she does occasionally have her moments). Also, why is Annabeth even on this trip? The seven most powerful demigods, or whatever. Okay, so Jason and Percy are automatic choices because they're currently the only children of Zeus and Poseidon (besides Thalia), which are always the strongest. But Jason seems more powerful than Thalia, and I think we can assume that Percy is more so than other children of the sea god, so that works great. Besides, Jason and Percy are wonderful together (as friends). Moving on. Leo is clearly an extremely powerful son of Hephaestus. Hazel is a big three demigod and cursed with this incredible ability. Frank... well, he's got all that family heritage as well as being a son of Mars. Piper is also the most powerful of the children of Aphrodite, with her charmspeak and all. Here's my point. How does this include Annabeth? Besides the fact that she's smart (like all children of Athena) and happens to be Percy's girlfriend? Especially when you compare her to Nico, the surprisingly powerful son of Hades. He can control dead people. Annabeth or Nico? Hmm. Difficult choice. You think Jason and Percy can do amazing things when they combine talents? Imagine what Nico, Jason, and Percy could do: all three domains working together. Instead we've got Nico stuck in a deathtrance with now less than two days to live, and smartstuff Annabeth dropping her jaw every time Percy actually knows something. Maybe he was clueless in the beginning, but he's now almost seventeen with five years of demigodding under his belt. Of course he knows things.

¡!¡end spoilers¡!¡

But hey, it's all good. Shamelessly ranting over a kids' story. It's 4:01am, okay? It's all good.

Spoiler button isn't working properly. Fine. I'll go to the office. Snack on the way? Maybe...

4:31am. See you in a moment. Or two. Ish.

...and I'm back. No snack. I thought about it as I walked through the kitchen. Mentally perused the selection. But nothing. Oh, wait, I forgot about those jalapeno mozzarella cheese sticks... might go back for one of those. What I really want right now is an amazing fruit smoothie and some Oreos. Doublestuf Vanilla right now. Yes. Or Cookie Dough, always cookie dough. And YES, they DO exist. They were even DoubleStuf.


Honestly, I'm mostly just too lazy. Everything takes too much effort to make. And right now, cheese sticks require getting up and walking again just to walk back. Nah, I'm good.

*ahem* again

Spoiler button worked. Simple. Just couldn't do it on the iPad, because it has no 'delete' key on the keyboard. That is all.

The Ramon is gone. And there was plenty yesterday. Where have they gone?!

Okay, back to Paper Fury with me. And then maybe The Mark of Athena. Or perhaps, if I'm lucky, sleeeeeeep.



I finished the post content at 4:43. It's now 5:17am and I'm about to post. Retyping (because format
issues), proofreading, picture placement, and final formatting. Yes, it occasionally (who am
I kidding? Usually) takes that long...

It's important to me, okay?


  1. Oh, yes the green paper. *rolls eyes* Don't people know what's important these days?

    Paper Fury is an awesome blog! I had to catch up on a few posts just now too. :)

    And nobody's going to make fun of you for reading YA and listening to One Republic. I just turned 23 and I still read, well, anything I want really, and fangirl and ship, and watch cartoons with my siblings. What did Neil Gaiman say? Something about growing up being overrated. ;)

    1. I know, right! ;)

      Oh, yes, I love that quote. In fact, most all of Neil Gaiman's quotes. Except the one about cats, that one doesn't exist. Sue me.

      I'm never going to stop being 15 :'D

  2. The Mark of Athena is my favorite out of the whole series. Although my feelings change as soon as I re-read another. :)

    Paper Fury is awesome! It is basically the reason for all my procrastination and I'm fine with that.

    Awesome post, Jessy!

    Carly @ Books and Etc

    1. Haha, I gotcha. I don't re-read many, almost none. But I'm somewhat certain I'll be re-reading these. I know I want to, at least! I'm slightly obsessed, if you hadn't guessed.

      Yes, yes, it is! I agree.

      Why, thank you :)

  3. Read all you want. It is Percy, and Leo. And Percy. Mostly Percy. (If it helps I'm 27 and read them.) And I listen to OneRepublic, so stay up till five, read, and listen and....PERCY!

    1. I love Leo so much! And Percy... especially Leo, and his POVs. But Jason and Nico are my favorite. I just started The Blood of Olympus, and I about died when I saw the POV lineup. I'm serious! All my favorites, it's so perfect.

      Yay, see I knew I wasn't alone!

  4. (Sorry to interrupt, Jessy Jones, but I just nominated you!)

    1. Thanks! I shall try and post mine soon enough ;)


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