Saturday, February 7, 2015

Black Again

Hey. Been awhile.

As the title indicates, this is Black. She may be learning Portuguese, but I don't know a word of it, and I'm not randomly obsessed with Irish, so no worries on that front. On the other hand, if your preference happens to not be English, she's added a translate button on the right for you.

Random post of the month. I'm Black, one phantom black who posted back in September. Remember that? No? Cool, then.

Black is not my given name. I do have one. Still not telling.

She's currently in Pennsylvania again. The kid is in the house. For almost a whole week, but they (two minions came) go back tomorrow. Tears and dramatic sadness, seems she. Alright, that's a bit exaggerated, but it goes something like that. Meanwhile, they read and play on devices and I sit unnoticed on my iPod. Mostly because I'm invisible. Though I get the idea that kid thinks my name is Bob. Nice to be known, even unknowingly...but, Bob? Despicable. Ish.

And that whole paragraph was not supposed to be a Despicable Me reference but seems to have turned out that way. At least it fits.

Spontaneous sleepover plans with Anne were thwarted Friday night, but the girls definitely enjoys seeing each other again. First time since September. An eternity. She forgot to return that random question, though. Nicholas spoilers are apparently unforgivable. Personally, I'm not sure what she sees in that guy, but then, I can't exactly judge what I don't know.

Next time, you two, I'd like to be invited, not lurking in the shadows like a stalker. Thanks.

The writeress is making a comeback. I'm here, aren't I? I've been silent for some time. Now if she'll just get that short story she's writing finished, she can move on and get 
some good WIP work done. Maybe continue with that couple she created the other day, which has basically created their own story in her head. They've shown up as truth and not something she's got to make up. Rwayn isn't so bad, either. Not sure about Gary, buried in those books and hardly ever says a word. Working on that.

All in all, her last week has been something like this:


Now she's going to go finish that story for her friend. Before midnight. (Probably not, but ambitious deadlines force incentive.)

Signing off,

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