Thursday, April 24, 2014


I hate rewriting.

I wrote it, I'm done. Thank you very much.

Oh, but wait. I love it!

Yeah, I'm a writer and I'm weird.

I hate rewriting because it's like redoing work you've already done over and over again and it's just annoying and I just, don't, feel like it! But then, once I get started, get on a roll, it's actually kind of fun.

Now, I don't mean editing. I always love editing. I mean actually rewriting. When you take a portion of what you've written and simply (or not so simply) redo the entire thing. In this case, I'm talking about adding description, making the words flow.

Taking this:

"Jess!" Jesse Parker's mom called to him from the bottom of the stairs. "AnnDrew's here." 
"Okay, I'll be down in a minute." 
Anna Drew Stevens walked to a nearby chair and sat down.

...and turning it into this:

AnnDrew Stevens rang the doorbell on the Parkers' side door and waited on the small porch for someone to answer. She hoped Jess was in and not off skateboarding somewhere; she had something to tell him and she didn't feel like crossing the neighborhood to find him. Or maybe she didn't want to tell him. She hadn't decided yet. Of course she'd tell him, eventually. Just maybe not now. Or maybe she would. It wasn't that important, really. But Jess being her best friend...well, anything was worth telling. Eventually. It's kind of fun to keep a secret for a while, to know something your friend doesn't. The question was, was she ready to give it up? It didn't happen often she knew something Jess didn't. But then, if she waited it might be too late. 
Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the storm door being opened from inside the small cottage house. Mrs. Parker pushed the cheap screen door open as AnnDrew backed down a step to avoid being hit. 
"Why, hello, dear. Looking for Jesse?" 
"Hi Mrs. Parker. Yes, I am. Is he here?" 
"I believe he's upstairs in his room. Come on in, I'll go get him for you." 
AnnDrew followed Mrs. Parker into the kitchen.

I only wish I was at this stage

...and then rewriting it all over again. Because that obviously isn't good enough. In fact, I don't even know if it's better.

And back to work.

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